Our Team

We have assembled unique talent with pioneers in AGI, world-renowned scientists and thought leaders, and business and tech professionals that give us an edge in our pursuit of dominating AGD.

Chairman & Co-founder,
Chief Executive Officer

Serial startup entrepreneur, and founder of Plug N Play San Diego. Consultant for founders with $347B+ startups. NASA, NSA, DARPA work.

Chief Marketing Officer

Over 15 years of marketing experience consulting and guiding digital paid media strategy and execution for organizations like Stanford Health, The Walt Disney Company, OMG, and HP.

Chief Technology Officer

Former Global Head of AI at PwC and former Chief Research Scientist at the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, with a career. Received the Most Influential Paper Award for the Decade in 2007 from AAMAS.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Renowned data, AI, and analytics innovator and business leader, recognized as an ILO Fellow and top IT Innovator by HIMSS. Listed among LinkedIn’s top 25 CDAOs and Corinium Global’s top 50 Data & Analytics Professionals.

Chief Optimization Officer

Renowned data & AI architect and former Chief Cloud Architect for IBM with expertise and extensive experience in network development. Leading groups on Sky Computing for the past year and a half.

Chief Operating Officer

Former acting CIO and Vice President of Transformation at EDF (the world’s largest energy company). Led transformation at Duke Energy. Post-doc researcher at the UC San Diego Super Computer Center in data & machine learning.

Chief Legal Counsel

Former Deputy General Counsel at Tesla, and former trial attorney, with significant experience managing the legal needs of a growing tech company.

Chief Negotiations Officer

Retired United States Army Lieutenant General and Commander of the NATO Training Mission – Iraq, with extensive leadership and consulting experience.

Co-founding Member*,
Senior Advisor

World-renowned cognitive scientist and pioneer in AGI. SingularityNET founder and Chief Scientist at Hanson Robotics (Sophia the Robot). Popularized “AGI”.

Chief Experience Officer

Assistant professor of “Positive AI” at Delft University of Technology. NeuroUX co-founder. Protege “godfather of UX” Don Norman. Carnegie Melon PhD. Yale CogSci.

Senior Advisor,

World’s number one gamification expert and consultant to Google, Microsoft, and Airbnb, reaching over 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Chief Brand Officer

Former chief brand officer at Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey/Sephora, former VP of Marketing at Nike, and former CMO of The North Face.

Chief Revenue Officer

Over 30 years of experience in sales, business development, and leading high-performance teams in many industries, exceeding revenue and sales targets.

Co-founding Member*,
Senior Advisor

Former Chief Digital Officer of LATAM and VP of Customer Experience for Iberia. Sr. Advisor at McKinsey. Sr. Advisor to Chief Innovation Officer NASA. Current EU Commission for AI policy & CIIO at Ferrovial.

Vice President, Emerging
Technology Integration

With 35+ years of expertise, Dr. David Utzke excels in distributed ledger technologies, acclaimed by DOJ, IRS, SEC, and others. Specializing in DLT, Game Theory, AML, and compliance, his skills are utilized by private ventures and federal contracts for cryptographic key security.

Vice President,

Over 35 years of experience as an IT expert and Chief Architect specializing in infrastructure and cloud networks and working with NGIA, DoD, NORAD, NASA, and JP Morgan.

Co-founding Member*,
Senior Advisor

Serial entrepreneur and first Entrepreneur in Residence of BCG Digital Ventures (Boston Consulting Group’s corporate venture arm). 13xCEO of BCG spinouts.

Co-founder &
VP of R&D

Entrepreneur and professor in Artificial Intelligence, and recognized as an expert in problem solving. Significant product development and consulting experience, spanning over 20 years, with Verizon, Cisco, and Bombardier.

VP of Cybersecurity

Leading global cybersecurity expert and “Top 5 Tech Person to Follow” by LinkedIn, with over three decades experience that includes advising two U.S. Presidents; executive leadership roles in General Dynamics, Xerox, and Rapiscan Systems; and serving on two National Academy of Science Advisory groups. Regular contributor to Forbes, The Washington Post, Federal Times, and other notable publications.

VP of Engineering

CPA & CMC expert with a strong background in software QA (IEEE/ANSI standards) and AI projects (speech recognition, econometric modeling). Former CIO/CTO at Kirkland & Ellis; CIO/CTO at Plymouth Rock; CTO at Seko and Sumitomo/USA; and CTO/COO at Sutter Ortho Rehab. Developed ABM techniques, FNN models, and won two IEEE software engineering best paper awards.

*Co-founding member = a co-founding member of the advisory board.