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AGD will create SuperhumansWhy Artificial General Decision Making (AGD)?

Why Klover is Pioneering AGD 

The concept of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has captivated the imagination of technologists and futurists alike, promising a future where machines possess human-like cognitive abilities across a wide array of tasks. However, as we delved deeper into the popular understanding of AGI and listened to the perspectives of many industry luminaries, recognized that this vision did not resonate with our cultural values and mission. envisions a future where individuals are the most productive they can be, following an evolutionary path that allows them to maintain their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. This vision stands in stark contrast to the pursuit of AGI, which aims to create superhuman machines. Instead, advocates for Artificial General Decision-Making (AGD), a technology designed to augment and enhance human decision-making processes, thereby transforming every man and woman into superhumans in their own right.

AGI, as it is popularly conceived, focuses on developing machines that can perform any intellectual task that a human can do. Notable figures like Ray Kurzweil have predicted that AI will reach human-level intelligence by 2029 and surpass it by 2045, sparking debates about the implications for humanity. For more information, visit: Meanwhile, scholars like Andrew Ng have cautioned against the premature redefinition of AGI, suggesting that it could lead to misconceptions and inflated expectations about AI’s capabilities. More details can be found at:

In contrast,’s approach with AGD is more human-centric. AGD leverages similar underlying technologies as AGI but with a different goal: to enhance human capabilities rather than replace them. By focusing on improving decision-making processes, AGD aims to empower individuals, allowing them to achieve their full potential and make better-informed choices. This approach aligns with our belief that humanity deserves a future defined with more certainty and empowerment.

Moreover, the ethical and safety concerns surrounding AGI are significant. AGI’s potential to operate beyond human control and pursue goals independently raises questions about accountability and the potential risks to society. In a report by the Future of Humanity Institute, experts outlined the existential risks posed by AGI, emphasizing the need for robust safety measures and ethical considerations. Read more at:’s commitment to AGD represents a paradigm shift. We believe that enhancing human decision-making is a more sustainable and ethical path forward. As we continue to develop our AGD systems, we draw on insights from behavioral economics, psychology, and cognitive science to ensure our technology aligns with human values and societal needs. 

In conclusion, while AGI aims to create a superhuman machine, Klover’s vision with AGD is to create superhumans. This fundamental difference in approach underscores our commitment to a future where technology serves to elevate human potential rather than overshadow it. Through AGD, we strive to bring the most relevant information to the fingertips of decision-makers, ensuring better decisions, better outcomes, and ultimately, a better future for all.

Human Connections Made Natural with Our Intuitive Intelligence Engine 

Understanding each person or organization requires a more profound, holistic view.  The dimensionality that encompasses us as humans cannot be simplified.  Klover believes in creating an elegant, sleek, and simple user experience that is built on top a vast neural network of deeper human understanding.  We believe in adding jet fuel to your passions and ambitions.  Let your dreams take off with Klover.  Better yet, start imagining more and wanting more. 

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